Weight Gaining Ultimate Breakfast

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When it’s come to body building or to even live a healthy life the First meal of your day is very important. It’s the meal that helps to start your metabolism. It’s a must have meal, packed with nutrients everyday.
There are a number of studies that show the health benefits of having that morning meal breakfast provides your body and brain with the fuel it needs to start the day.
Also the studies show that if you eat breakfast more than four times a week that can prevent excessive weight gain, that’s because those who skip breakfast tend to eat more empty calories at night. Eating breakfast can also help lower your risk for chronic illness and prevent heart disease type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

Now will have a look on making a 1000 calories + 50g protein breakfast.

First in the meal:
100g of whole wheat bread, add 30g of butter to it, add 30g of jam to it

Second in the meal:
500ml of skimmed milk

The third in the meal:
4 whole eggs

Bread, butter and jam: calories 557, carbs 71g, protein 9.4g, fat 26g

4 whole eggs: calories 294, carbs 1.54g, protein 25g, fat 20g

Skimmed milk: Calories 179, carbs 26g, protein 17.5g, fat 0.5g

CARBS: 99g
FAT: 46.5g

Shayze NeeWeight Gaining Ultimate Breakfast

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