TOP 5 Daily Habits To Be Successful

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We Hullabaloo wants your habits to be excellent now more than ever.
That’s because a “ROUTINE” that’s all you have to stay sane you just can’t let that go right now. When times are tough it’s really gonna determine how you’re gonna act out there in the real world in real life.

If you can keep a solid routine right now when everything seems to be falling apart you’re gonna be an unmovable force for the rest of your life. Because you’re gonna know your toughest now it doesn’t matter what comes your way, you’re gonna be steady and that’s what I want you to do today boys/girls. I’m gonna give you five daily routine you should be doing every single day even today that you might be laid off or you’re not going to school/work or you’re just locked up and bored.

1.Wake up early.
Discipline is everything and waking up at 12:00 mid afternoon just because you’re laid off or you’re not going to school/work that’s unacceptable. You’re sleeping your time away that you could be using to start a new side hustle, learn a new skill, reading, practicing your cat/dog.
Let’s take something simple let’s imagine you’re passionate about Cricket and while everybody is sleeping to the afternoon you are still working out, you are still practicing your bowling, batting and you’re fielding at home. When you go back and everything opens up again you’re gonna be an unguardable force next to you because of your discipline when times were tough.

2.Practice A Stretch Routine.
Look, waking up early in the morning and then hitting a workout is hard for a lot of people. But what you can do is do a stretch. It doesn’t take a lot of physical energy but it gets the blood pumping and puts you in a better position to stretch out those tight muscles.
In my case: I have horrible posture because I’m always in the computer. So I decided to dedicate five minutes every single day to my posture to make sure my posture is healthy also going to ensure that I stand up straight confident and I’m looking good that’s something that you can do right now to make sure you keep that routine going and you keep feeling good about our self.

3.Do your bed.
You see you want to train your mind to complete tasks to get things done and something that doesn’t take a lot of effort and even military sergeant’s recommend is to do your bed. Again this is simple and it’s small, it only takes you five minutes but it has a great impact on your brain where it triggers your brain to complete tasks.

4. Drink lots of water.
Drinking water is easy to forget that they’re important and crucial for your health. It doesn’t matter what’s happening outside it doesn’t matter how bad it gets, this is something all of us can do. It’s not that hard but drinking lots of water not only flushes toxins and make sure that you stay hydrated your skin starts looking good but more importantly in the mornings it’s crucial. A glass of water will get our metabolism running. Water is a crucial source of life and it’s a routine that we can keep up. That’s easy and again will keep us safe.

5. Read a good book.
Look maybe again you don’t want to learn a new skill or you think you already have a job that you’re proud of that doesn’t mean you should just completely halt on your life. Your brain is a muscle and it needs to work out so whether maybe you don’t like reading books what you could do is listen to a book. However I think a mixture of both of listening and reading is great for your health, it can not only spark creativity it also works out your brain. Your mental health is the most important part in having a strong mind, will ensure that you stay sane during these hard times.

Hope you found this article informative,
See you all in the next post

Shayze NeeTOP 5 Daily Habits To Be Successful

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