The World with Covid 19 & Safest Sri Lanka

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The viral spread of the COVID – 19 originating from Wuhan, China, has now affected up to 149 countries with Eswatini, Rwanda, U.S. Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Guatemala, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent Grenadines, Suriname, Aruba, Ghana, Venezuela, Namibia, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia, Gibraltar, Mauritania and Uruguay reporting confirmed cases.  As of date, 439,570 cases have been confirmed with 19,638 deaths.  Also, 111,926 cases of patients affected by COVID-19 have now recovered.

While this has created a panic across many countries, the fear of people has been well marketed by certain industries. Further, fake news published in social media has created a chaotic situation resulting in un-necessary demand on essentials. While world oil price has hit the rock bottom in the world market, people have rushed into fuel stations to pump fuel at the current price, which is due to panic buying.

The worst of impact has been on the Tourism industry and it is estimated that 50 million employees in the said sector will lose their jobs.

The safest of destination is undoubtedly Sri Lanka! There had been ZERO deaths and one recovery of a Chinese national. The infected patients in Sri Lanka were tourist guides who worked in Italy. However, they’ve now been quarantined and treated. Sri Lanka remains to be the safest country despite the impact of this viral virus has created major chaos in the country.

You may find steps taken by certain countries below:

Spain: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared a national “state of alarm” on Friday, giving his government the power to take extraordinary steps to address the coronavirus pandemic. Madrid’s regional government announced that all cafés, bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and non-food shops would be closed for two weeks from Saturday.

Philippines: Metro Manila mayors called for a nine-hour curfew (8 p.m. to 5 a.m.) during the community quarantine of their cities as among the measures seen to prevent further infections of the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19. Employees going to or coming home from work are exempted from the curfew. All non-essential activities will be banned at night such as going to bars or drinking sessions and requested the closure of malls.

DenmarkDenmark will close its borders to all except its own nationals and legal residents at midday on Saturday until April 13. All tourists and foreigners who cannot prove they have a credible reason to be in Denmark will not be allowed to enter. Strict travel restrictions in other countries, some of which were implemented on short notice. These restrictions cover local transport as well as entry and departure from the country. Thus, travelers can no longer be certain whether they will be able to travel freely, or if they will be quarantined upon entry and/or have difficulty finding a means of returning to Denmark. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark strongly encourages you to return home immediately.

New Zealand: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced new restrictions requiring travelers to be quarantined for 14 days upon entry into the country. The restrictions apply to all countries except for Pacific nations, and will come into effect at midnight on Sunday (10.00pm AEDT). It also includes any New Zealand citizens or residents returning to the country.

Turkey: On Friday, March 13, Turkey’s transport minister announced that all flights to and from Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, and the Netherlands would be suspended from Saturday, March 14, through Friday, April 17, to prevent further spread of the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

UAE: Entry ban for nationals of GCC countries, including nationals of the United Arab Emirates, travelling with their national identity card (they must use their passport for entry).

Poland: Poland will ban foreigners from entering the country from Sunday and impose a 14-day quarantine on its citizens returning home in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday. Those with a residence permit in Poland will be allowed to enter. No international inbound flights or trains would be allowed from 0000 CET on Sunday, except for some charter flights bringing Poles back from holidays. Freight transport would not be affected.

While this novel virus has had a devastating impact across the globe, staying united, helping each other, buying for your requirement and most importantly taking the precautionary measures to avoid getting infected should be the utmost priority of the global citizens.

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Mister MedThe World with Covid 19 & Safest Sri Lanka

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