How to Write your First Post

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My First Post – Getting my half-baked naked ideas ranked in Google.

Writing my first post has created a lot of anxiety within me! Money never comes easy

Going through the internet in finding tips for successful first post implementation is quite a night mare. I found ample of posts speaking about successful first post, but none of them actually help. They merely end up quoting content is the king.

Content marketing is the queen

I was wondering; then why do they write about first post tips, if they can’t do justice to the topic. They lack the execution technique & most of the articles are just plain.

Let me explain, why do they write when they cannot do justice to the topic? It’s all because of the search volume on Google & other search engines.

The money comes when you drive traffic to your blog & content, so the Authors focuses on constructing write-ups for high search volume keywords. Even when they can’t do justice in structuring the post informatively, they rely on Search Engine Optimisation.SEO Techniques that can be used for blog post for enhanced reach

  • Make the Post title as the title of the page
  • Make the key terms you are targeting in bold
  • Make up some internal links
  • Add Meta keywords, description & canonical tag
  • Have XML sitemap

Ufffffffffffffffffffffffff – hope we didn’t dive too technical.

Here what we are going to do with Hullabaloo! I would try my level best in providing useful information to the readers regardless of search engine volumes. Write to me on what you want from me. Let’s not beat behind the bush but rather make Hullabaloo – the unsung fuss.

I an Avid reader & an old school SEO specialist favoring more effective and modern alternatives in coping to the challenges of digital world.

Is this a SEO Blog? The answer is NO.

Let’s break all the barriers & old school thoughts, below are my tips for first successful post

Never sit quiet when you want to write – I would recommend you to take at least 2 weeks to structure your post. The ideas are sound, friends, love, family etc

Scribble your ideas – The more you research the more delay… We all have good intentions but implementation is success

SEO SEO SEO – It doesn’t matter how creative you are! How useful your content is! If you cannot make it visible. It’s all wasted
I would recommend the below tool to comprehend the search volume for free,


Sharing is sexier – Social medias are inevitable in modern days, if your page (social media profile) doesn’t have enough visibility. I would recommend to share at least in your profile for your friends to like and share. I don’t suggest you to be super active on all social media platforms. My suggestions are Twitter, Reditt & Mixx. This is sure to drive in some traffic

‘Spending more time in social media makes you numb’

How-tos, Lists, Checklist, Beginners guide, Events are tried and tested formulas to drive in traffic. I would recommend using them for quick repercussion.

Write controversial – Pickup debatable topics; I am sure you know plenty. Controversial topics trend so fast, even the Orthodox Writers gradually concentrate on writing on controversial themes.

‘People doesn’t want to read what is right! People wants to read what they like – from which they could prove their points’

See you all with my next post, hope my first post created enough Hullabaloo.

Mister MedHow to Write your First Post

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