How to find your passion in 2020?

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Finding your passion is one of major issues for the youngsters these days, but once you find it, it would be the best of best feelings ever. But “How can I find my passion” is one of the questions which makes everyone to go mad. Get the best tips from Hullabaloo in finding your passion.


Explore in the sense not to go for a world tour neither to spend thousands of thousand. Just take a 5-minute break from what you are doing. Before starting to explore yourself prepare all the questions you need to ask yourself. And then go to your room’s corner and ponder. Then explore yourself by asking all the questions you prepared.
For an example: What makes you happy? If painting makes you happy you can become a painter, if you’re keen on technology you can become an IT expert, if you’re interested in cooking, of course you can become a chef.

You spend your precious time when you’re passionate on something. Like if you send hours on gaming you have a choice to become a gamer. If you keep on reading on something it means it matters to you.

Write all the ideas you come up with. It’s so hard to get an idea but in minutes you’ll forget all the points. So write it down everything you come up with even if you know it sound stupid. Write down the ideas and the procedures of it and finalize it.

But consider if you have to do it full time or part time. If it demands to go for full time don’t fear to take the risk. If not you can do it as part time or hobby.

If you cannot make money from your passion, look into others who are similar in your field and try to figure out how they are doing. Get more ideas and put all your effort into it. Once you get it right, I’m sure you’ll be the happiest person in the world.

Hope this article was helpful to you, see you all in the next post

Shayze NeeHow to find your passion in 2020?

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