A Successful 20-Year-Old Boy

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A successful 20-year-old boy will be totally different from his friends and others of his age. It is mainly because of the choices he made, and had a clear vision on the path where he wants to go in his life.


When you follow your heart everything else will be interesting and exciting. You’ll be a happy dude.

The problem is nobody’s out there to tell you what you should be doing in your 20s. In this article we’ll try to give you a clear idea on what you should be doing in your 20s.

I would like to start quoting Mark Twain: “Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72”

    It’s so easy to follow the crowd, finishing your school getting up a degree and working all your life 9-5. There are two options saying, (A) if you study well & if you’ve a degree you will get a job and live happily and in the other hand (B) if you don’t study you’ll be working for daily wages which not permanent.
    But I like to add an extra option to that saying (C) Follow your passion, do what you love. And I hear you, what is your passion and how to find it

  2. Never miss a try
    You have to be smart, meaning this is your time to shine & to try new things taking up all challenges & face it like a pro. You’ve nothing to lose if you fail you’ve more time to get back. The things you can take now will be impossible to take up in your 30s. Sketch & draft all the ideas that comes to you & list it down with the pros and cons. And finalize it one by one. NEVER FEAR OF RISK

  3. Sacrifice your short-term happiness
    Going out with your gang and getting plastered, weekend outings are the things that make absolutely no value to your life whatsoever. Instead take that time and invest to your passion and the satisfaction you gain from it is out of the world. Seriously boys it’s more original.

  4. Never give up
    All the successful people in the world started from zero. In earlier of their days if they say in this many years, I’ll be this “isn’t that sounds stupid” but yes, they made it. All the sleepless nights, years for hard work and the rejection failures all paid off! Nothing comes easy

    A piece of paper which you call degree won’t decide your future. You can’t grow or expand yourself without taking no new opportunities/risk. Getting plastered will get you sick not successful at all. Overcome all the struggles.

Hope you guys found it informative.
See you all in the next post.

Shayze NeeA Successful 20-Year-Old Boy

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