5 ways to improve your English speaking

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Do you wanna improve your English? Do you wanna speak English more fluently? So, today I wanna share with you the five steps to improve your English fluency, the five absolutely main things that you should do in order to master the English language.

  • Step number one, it’s actually simple and that is why I don’t care! Yeah that’s right, “Just don’t care”. SPEAK WHENEVER, WHEREVER,& HOWEVER. Forget how people would judge,forget how people would think of you,all these stuffs doesn’t matter,just speak as much as you could. If they don’t understand, say it again. Yet, if they don’t understand, rephrase it, say it again, you just keep saying it. Because that is how you would get comfortable. If you are always thinking about “Oh, I’m not sounding smart, or they would misunderstand what I’m saying,or they wouldn’t understand or I’ll look stupid”, all these things hold back you learning the language. So don’t care at all. Speak MORE!
  • Step number two, take a book, any book, but a simple book, and read it out loud, word by word, paragraph by paragraph. And that’s a very good way to learn the language. Because there may be certain parts or precisely speaking certain words where you would have difficulty pronouncing them, or certain chunks of words you end up saying it again and again, or maybe there are certain words you don’t understand and you would refer to a dictionary. These simple yet useful steps would enhance your vocabulary and hence your English language. When you finish one book, you might as well pick something that you are interested in. For example, if you’re interested in investing,or success, or motivation, or sales, pick a book which would be close to your heart, that would eventually spark that interest leading to better improvement in your English language skills; be it vocabulary, grammar, or fluency in speaking. Pick your book, and then read it out loud every single day. Allocate at least 20 minutes per day to read, maybe even 30 minutes, but make it a damn habit to do it everyday.
  • Step three, while reading you may come across certain words that you do simply comprehend and if you do, “Take one word at a time”, basically which means just try to learn one new word per day. Try Google and find out exactly what the word exactly means. So, every single day pick a new word that you’ve never heard of before, you’ve never used before and learn it to blend it in your sentences whether it is writing or speaking. If you’ve done this every single day that’s 365 words a year, 365 new words that you could add to your vocabulary that you could use in the future.
  • Step four is Immersion. You have to immerse yourself in to the language. Listen to some motivational speeches, debates and other public talks. Once you do it for few weeks make your own talk and prepare all the notes you need it to your talk. Take at least a week to prepare it and then simply go in-front of the mirror and imagine you’re giving a public speech for an audience of around 1000 students. Present it with a smile, portray simple gestures or actions and remember always, ALWAYS, be 100% confident even if you know that your English isn’t yet perfect. From there on-wards begin to write your own stories (at least short stories). It really doesn’t matter if the grammar is wrong or the story isn’t interesting as long as you stick to write something regularly. As I told you in step one, “Just don’t give a damn”. Write Write Write.. Keep on writing. After you have completed your fifth story, just revisit your first story and do all the changes that you feel like needs rectification. Likewise, go to the second and third story until you reach the last one. While you are in this step, you might find many things incorrect and you may correct it by yourself. After completing every story present it in-front of the mirror with confidence and simple gestures..
  • Step five, Summary. Try to talk as much as possible, and never forget to listen. When someone is talking to you give your fullest to understand it “Listen Carefully”. Surround yourself with the ones who speak English fluently and present them your stories and talks with 100% confident. Share your books to them and borrow theirs and have a discussion about the books and other interesting stuffs. I hope when you follow these steps without any compromises you’ll be able to speak, write and understand English at least, let’s say 50%. Don’t give up keep reading, keep writing and keep presenting at least to yourself. Involve yourself in debates to become a PRO!
Shayze Nee5 ways to improve your English speaking

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